June 18, 2019

The Digital Cold War

Borja Moya

Today we’re seeing the emergence of a new Cold War. And just like every war, this one is about control. It’s about using whatever means necessary in order to obtain that control. Being above others and ruling the world. But this new war is going one step further, because it’s taking advantage of the flaws of the system (maybe it’s not a bug, but a feature) and data autocrats are making it work for them. The Digital Cold War is about a new form of colonialism in the 21st century: data colonialism.

China and the US are ahead in this battle. But this is not a war between two countries. We’re all in this war — whether we want it or not. And this war, just like the Cold War, has global consequences. Consequences that last generations. And, of course, the scope of this battle is way bigger.

In the Cold War countries developed nukes but never used them. In the Digital Cold War, though, AI will be used all the time.