May 7, 2020

The BM Show #004 // George Lawson

Borja Moya

In this episode I talk with George Lawson. He is the author of Anatomies of Revolution and a Professor of International Relations at ANU, having previously taught at LSE and Goldsmiths, University of London. (More info here:

This in an important episode, because this time with George I talk about revolutions. We talk about what makes revolutions work. But most importantly, what we talk about in this episode is the foundation that will help us pave the way in our search for solutions.

“One of the things that went wrong with revolutions in the past is that this elite, once established, actually turns into a corrupt vehicle of authoritarianism. It becomes the nomenclature. It becomes a new form of despotism. And to avoid that you should actually embrace this much flatter, much more autonomistic type of movement.” —George Lawson

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