April 14, 2020

The BM Show // Ulises Mejias

Borja Moya

After 9/11 we saw one of the most sophisticated surveillance apparatus the world had ever seen. And I believe the surveillance that will come with the COVID-19 pandemic will be even bigger. This will be under-the-skin surveillance.

So we need to start conversations to figure this beast out and find a way forward.

I’m officially working on a new feature documentary. There’s no release date yet. There’s no title either. And there’s no clear concept yet.

But here’s what I’m gonna do: I’m going to start interviewing people—not for the film yet. That will be afterwards. But now I’m going to interview experts, activists and whoever I can, in order to put the pieces together and understand the scope of this crisis.

The film is just secondary. It’s a pure documentation process. What matters here is the journey of figuring out where this is going and deciding how to shape the narrative.

I want take you on a journey. And then spread to the world what we’ve achieved during the following months—or years who knows. We’re going to start monitoring the situation and putting this puzzle together.

To kick us off, I’ve already run the first interview with Ulises Mejias. He’s the co-author of the book The Costs of Connection, and an Associate Professor in the Communication Studies department at SUNY Oswego in New York.

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