April 19, 2020

The BM Show #002// Nick Couldry

Borja Moya

In this episode I talk with Nick Couldry. He is the co-author of The Costs of Connection and a Professor of Media, Communications and Social Theory at The London School of Economics (More info here: nickcouldry.org)

This episode could be the sequel of episode #001 since I talked with Ulises Mejias—also co-author of The Costs of Connection. This time I talk with Nick about Data Relations and the nature of capitalism. And how drip by drip Data Autocrats are colonizing every aspect of the human experience—using it as an input for extracting profit.

This is a must watch due to current events.

“The idea of Surveillance Capitalism is a bold and important theory. We respect it a lot. But it doesn’t fundamentally challenge the nature or direction of capitalism. It argues instead that there’s a bad version of capitalism—surveillance capitalism—which is like a rogue. Which needs to be controlled so that capitalism can get back on track. That’s the basic thesis of Zuboff’s book. We’re arguing that the whole thing is rotten. The whole direction of capitalism. The whole thing needs to be changed.”

— Nick Couldry, co-author of The Costs of Connection and Professor at LSE

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